Clear Choice

Glass & Multi-Surface Cleaner

Clear Choice is a glass and multi-surface concentrated cleaner that contains no organic solvents. It has been certified by Green Seal™ as meeting GS-37, Green Seal’s environmental standard for Industrial and Institutional cleaners. Its excellent cleaning and non-streaking performance is the result of state-of-the-art thin film polymer technology. Clear Choice is especially good for cleaning glass, Plexiglas, Lexan, mirrors, metal, and other shiny surfaces. It dries quickly and leaves the cleaned surface streak-free and squeaky clean. Clear Choice is readily biodegradable and contains no solvents, phosphates, or other harsh chemicals.


Product Features

  • This product meets Green Seal™ Standard GS-37 based on effective performance, concentrated volume, minimized/recycled packaging and protective limits on: VOCs and human & environmental toxicity.
  • Biodegradable
  • No VOCs
  • Dries streak-free
  • Contains no solvents, caustics or acids
  • Can be used on multiple hard surfaces
  • No fragrance added
Green Seal Certified

This product is recommended to be used with cold water from the tap at an 16:1 dilution ratio or 8 oz. per gallon of water. When using product, plastic surfaces should be wiped with soft, lint-free cloths or synthetic wipers. Paper hand towels can scratch plastic surfaces. Improper use dilution may result damage to surfaces and may increase the risk of health effects.

Appearance: Clear liquid
Color: Blue
Odor: No fragrance added
Specific Gravity: 1.0 ± .05
Active Ingredients: diluted 8:1: 0.9 minimum
Flash Point: None
pH as is: 11.0 – 12.8
pH (R-T-U dilution) 10.9 ±0.5
Dilution: 16 parts water to 1 part product
Storage Stability: Two year minimum in sealed container
Recommended Protective Clothing: Impervious gloves, splash proof safety goggles

CAUTION: There are no known health hazards with Clear Choice. The detergent may be a mild skin irritant that may cause dryness. If contact with eyes, flush with water for 15 minutes. If ingested, do not induce vomiting, seek medical attention.
Product Disposal: This product is non-hazardous material. Dispose of in accordance with local, state, and federal regulations. It is recommended that the high density polyethylene container and any corrugated packaging be recycled.


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