Concentrated Cleaner and Degreaser

Concern is a concentrated cleaner and degreaser made from all natural solvents derived from citrus peel. It is safe to use and highly effective against oil, grease, tar, nicotine, soot, and many other soils. Concern leaves a lingering fresh orange fragrance as it cleans. Excellent for use in office, apartment, trash rooms, restaurants, schools, garages, shops, and many other areas.


Product Features

  • Contains no butyl, petroleum, or chlorinated solvent
  • Does not release any harmful vapors or fumes
  • Highly concentrated – can be diluted up to 12:1
  • Concentrate dissolves tar, asphalt, adhesives, and many inks
  • pH neutral – contains no acids or alkalis
  • Biodegradable, bio-based

For use on tar & asphalt, do not dilute Concern.
For heavy-duty cleaning, dilute Concern 12:1.

Appearance: Clear liquid
Color: Orange
Odor: Orange
Specific Gravity: 0.86 ± 0.02 @ 20
Active Ingredients: 100%
Total Solids: 15% ± 1.0%
Flash Point: 115°F, combustible
pH: as is: None
pH: 1: 7.5 ± 1.0
Storage Stability: One year in sealed containers
VOC Content: (as is): 78% by weight

Protective Clothing: Rubber gloves
If diluted product is stored, shake before using.

  • Use concentrate on Plexiglas® or vinyl surfaces
  • Mix with bleach or ammonia

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