Deep Lustre

High Solids Floor Seal and Finish

Deep Lustre is a high solids, extended wear, scratch and scuff resistant, non-yellowing pure acrylic floor seal and finish. Deep Lustre contains a state-of-the-art highly cross linked polymer that makes it extremely durable, scrubbable, and maintainable with low or ultra high speed floor machines. Because of its high solids, it requires fewer coats, has a high initial shine, and can be easily restored.


Product Features

  • Requires less maintenance than conventional floor finishes
  • 25% solids formula requires less coats
  • Acrylic polymer resists yellowing with age
  • High clarity brings out true color and gloss of floor
  • Dries in 20 to 30 minutes

Deep Lustre comes ready to use, and there is no dilution required.

To maintain high gloss, only neutral cleaners should be used in damp mopping or scrubbing.

Appearance: Milky white, less than 0.01% sediment
Color: White
Odor: Mild acrylic
Specific Gravity: 1.03 ± 0.01 @ 20°C
Active Ingredients: 28.0% ± 0.5%
Total Solids: 25.0% ± 0.3%
Flash Point: None
pH (as is): 8.0-9.1
Use Dilution: As is
Storage Stability: Minimum 18 months in sealed container
Coverage: 1500 – 2000 sq. ft. per gallon
VOC Content: Less than 10% by weight

Deep Lustre PIS

Protective Clothing: Splash goggles

55 GAL Drum

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