Drain & Septic Cleaner

Waste-Digesting Cleaner

Drain & Septic Cleaner combines three scientifically selected Bacillus bacteria, in an incorporated multi-system, to provide tremendous waste-digesting power in a convenient liquid form. Drain & Septic Cleaner introduces millions of beneficial bacteria to digest waste and eliminate odors in plumbing, plumbing grease traps, septic systems. It’s ideal for opening drains blocked by organic waste, as well as maintaining drains in order to prevent organic waste blockages. Drain & Septic Cleaner contains bacteria spores and high levels of enzymes to provide the most effective action. It doesn’t contain vegetative cells that might cause spoilage.


Product Features

  • Eliminates odors and organic waste naturally
  • Contains no solvents, caustics, or acids
  • Will not harm plumbing
  • Completely biodegradable
  • Unblocks and prevents blockages of drains caused by organic waste

For sinks/drains/urinals/toilets: For best results, treat at end of day or other periods of lowest use. To prevent loosened debris from causing obstructions, always begin the treatment at the lower floors first. Use 2 oz. of product once per week in every drain and allow to work overnight. For drains that receive large amounts of organic matter, increase the treatment to 4-6 oz., as often as every other day. Avoid flushing or running water or other chemicals into drain during treatment.

For grease traps: For the average grease trap (about 20 cu. ft. capacity), add 1 quart directly to trap or through drain. Then use one pint per week for maintenance.

For septic tanks: Use 2-4 quarts per 500 gallon tank for initial treatment. For weekly maintenance, use 1 pint per person using the system. Treat drain field and leach beds by pouring directly into the distribution boxes or vents.

For sewer laterals: Treat during periods of low flow by adding through manholes. Dosage per unit will vary with the diameter of the line:

8 inches – 32 oz.
12 inches – 48 oz.
16 inches – 64 oz.
20 inches – 96 oz.

24 inches – 128 oz.

Appearance: Green liquid with slight settlement of spores
Color: Green
Odor: Lemon
Use Dilution: As Is
Storage Stability: One year in a sealed container @ 70°F
VOC’s, % as is: 0
Total Bacteria: 378.5 billion/gallon minimum
Aerobic Bacteria: 189.26 billion/gallon
Anaerobic Bacteria: 189.26 billion/gallon
Protease Enzyme: 2500 PV units/ml
Amylase Enzyme: 300 PV units/ml
Lipase Enzyme: Present

Protective Clothing: Splash goggles


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