Gone II

General Purpose Encapsulating Spotter

Gone II is a highly effective general purpose carpet spotter with encapsulating chemistry to control odors and prevent re-soiling of carpets. Its non-alkaline formula is particularly effective on stains consisting of proteins, starches, fats, ink, or grease. Gone II will not harm the carpet backing, pads, or cause brown out. Gone II’s encapsulating properties help keep the carpet looking clean longer. It is truly a versatile and effective general purpose spotter.


Product Features

  • Can be used as a traffic lane pre-spray at its dilution
  • Special solvent blend and surfactant system makes it more effective on stains
  • Rinses freely and completely
  • Leaves no tacky residue to promote re-soiling
  • Encapsulates dirt and odor causing molecules
  • Will not hurt backing, pads, or cause alkaline brown-out
  • Ideal for use on a carpet care system with Triad or Triad Plus
UL Ecologo

Dilute Gone II as is for spotting and 1:3 for pre-spray.

Appearance: Clear Liquid
Color: Colorless
Odor: Morning Mist
Specific Gravity: 0.995 ± 0.005 @ 20°C
Active Ingredients: 5.5% minimum
Total Solids: .5± 0.2%
pH: As is: 8.4± 0.5
Flash Point: None to boiling
Use Dilution: As is for spotting, 1:3 for pre-spray
Storage Stability: Two year minimum in sealed container
VOC (as is): 5% by weight

Protective Clothing: Rubber gloves


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