Industrial Plus

Heavy-Duty Degreaser & Emulsifier

Industrial Plus is a heavy-duty degreaser and emulsifier formulated for use in difficult to clean areas such as trash rooms, kitchens, garages, machine shops, warehouses, truck and bus cleaning stations, and public facilities. It can be used in foam apparatus and pressure washers. It’s highly concentrated; only 4 – 6 oz. per gallon of water is required for most uses. Industrial Plus may be used in press rooms to remove soy based inks. This product is also an excellent floor finish stripper.


Product Features

  • Pleasant to use, contains no solvents, ammonia, or caustics.
  • Holds oil and grease in suspension better than competitive products
  • Highly concentrated for economy of use
  • Excellent for mildew removal on hard surfaces
  • Can be used in automatic scrubbers
  • Removes exhaust, soot, and road film without solvents or strong alkalis
  • Biodegradable
  • Removes ink
  • May be used as a floor finish stripper

For normal use of Industrial Plus, dilute the solution 4 oz. – 6 oz. per gallon. Heavy-duty cleaning, dilute 8 oz. – 12 oz. per gallon. Floor finish stripping, dilute 16 oz. – 32 oz. per gallon.

Appearance: Clear liquid
Color: Green
Odor: Mild Floral
Specific Gravity: 1.07-0.005 @ 20°C
Active Ingredients: 13.1 +.3
Total Solids: 13.1 +.3
pH: as is: 13.2 +.3
pH 1:30 10.8 +.3
Flash point: None
Use Dilution 4 oz. – 6 oz. per gallon normal use. 8 oz. – 12 oz. per gallon heavy duty cleaning. 16 oz. – 32 oz. per gallon for floor finish stripping.
Storage Stability: Minimum one year in sealed container

Protective Clothing: Rubber gloves, splash goggles or face shield.

55 GAL Drum

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