Oven & Grill Cleaner

Knock-Out oven and grill cleaner is a time proven, fast-acting, heavy-duty formula that removes grease, carbon, and baked-on food residue from the dirtiest stove, oven, fryer, grill, iron and stainless cookware. Knock-Out contains no harmful solvents or ammonia. Knockout requires no heat to work, and rinses easily and completely.


Product Features

  • Begins to work instantly, no long waiting period
  • No noxious fumes or vapors
  • Removes the toughest baked on residues
  • Works without heating oven
  • Completely biodegradable

Use Knock-Out as is for cleaning. Dilute 1:5 for parts soaking.

Knock-Out should not be used on aluminum, copper, or brass surfaces. Discoloration, pitting, or destruction of the metal may occur.

Appearance: Clear liquid
Color: Brown
Odor: Mild glycol
Specific Gravity: 1.105 ± 0.005 @ 20°C
Active Ingredients: 20.5% ± 0.3%
Total Solids: 20.5% ± 0.3%
Flash Point: None
pH: as is: 13.8 ± 0.2
Use Dilution: As is for cleaning 1:5 for parts soaking
Storage Stability: Two year minimum in sealed containers AT 70°F
Protective Clothing: Rubber gloves, splash goggles or face shield
VOC Content: 0% by weight

CAUTION: Knock-Out is corrosive to eyes and skin. Flush with water immediately if contact occurs.

55 GAL Drum

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