Floor Finish Stripper

Renegade 24:1 Stripper is a super concentrated floor finish stripper. It can be diluted 24 parts water to 1 part stripper and will quickly remove high finish buildup. Renegade is not only fast acting, but it contains very little alkali so it does not need to be neutralized. It also has very little odor at its use dilution, making it possible to work with at any time. At the convenient 24:1 dilution ratio, one quart of Renegade will make up 6 gallons of stripping solution, the amount held in a typical mop bucket with wringer.


Product Features

  • 24:1 dilution ratio
  • Low odor
  • No caustics
  • No need to neutralize
  • Rapid removal of high buildup
  • One quart makes six gallons stripping solution

Dilute Renegade 24 parts water to 1 part stripper to quickly remove high finish buildup.

Read Safety Data Sheet prior to using this product.

Appearance: Clear Amber Liquid
Odor: Detergent
pH (As Is): 12.1
pH (24:1): 11.2
Specific Gravity: 1.0063 ± .0005
Wt/GAL (Lbs./GAL): 8.382
VOCs (As Is), %: 42.2%
VOCs (24:1 Dilution), %: 1.6888%
VOCs (Lbs/GAL), (24:1 Dilution): .14
Use Dilution: 24 parts water: 1 part Renegade
Storage Stability: Minimum of 2 years in sealed container

Protective Clothing: Rubber gloves, splash proof safety goggles and boots.


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