Spectra 2

Heavy-Duty Degreaser

Spectra 2 is a heavy-duty degreaser/emulsifier concentrate formulated for use in the Spectra System 1 or buddy system portion control dispensers. It was designed for use in difficult to clean areas such as trash rooms, kitchens, garages, machine shops, warehouses, truck and bus cleaning stations, and public facilities. Spectra 2 may be used in foam apparatus and pressure washers. It is highly concentrated for use at 19 parts water to 1 part concentrate.


Product Features

  • Contains no solvents, ammonia, or caustics
  • Color coded for ease of use
  • Quat-based detergent kills odors as it cleans
  • Highly concentrated for economy of use
  • Reduction in waste
  • Easy control of chemical usage
  • Choice of automatic dispensing system or buddy jug system
  • Simplifies training of users; bridges language barriers
  • No measuring required

A dispensing unit which holds 1 gallon of concentrate and dispenses in bulk or spray bottles may be mounted to the wall near a water source.

Appearance: Clear liquid
Color: Green
Odor: Bouquet
Specific Gravity: 1.08 ± .005
Active Ingredients (%): 13.0 ± 1
Total Solids (%): 9.8% ± .1
Flash Point: None
Use Dilution: 1:19 (1qt makes 5 gallons)
Shelf Life: Minimum of 1yr in a closed container

Protective Clothing: Rubber gloves, splash goggles


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