Spray Buff

Floor Machine Spray Cleaner and Polish

Spray Buff is a ready-to-use spray cleaner and polish formulated for use with low-speed floor machines. It contains solvents to remove dirt, scuffs, and scratches, plasticizers to revitalize the surface, and gloss enhancing resins to give a brilliant shine. Spray Buff contains no oils or waxes.


Product Features

  • Ready-to-use formula
  • Will not soften surface of floor
  • Contains no wax
  • Will not effect top coating or recoating

Spray Buff comes ready-to-use and is compatible with all acrylic or acrylic/styrene floor finishes.

Appearance: Clear Liquid
Color: Blue
Odor: Mild solvent
Specific Gravity: 1.01 ± 0.02 @ 20°C
Active Ingredients: 12.5% ± 0.5%
Total Solids: 5.0% ± 0.5%
Flash Point: None
pH as is: 8.5 ± 0.4
Use Dilution: as is
Storage Stability: One year in sealed
VOC content: (as is): Less than 8% by weight

Protective Clothing: None required


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