Optimum Shield

Concrete Hardener, Sealer & Finish

Optimum Shield is a high solids, colorless water-based permanent seal and finish that hardens and densifies concrete floors and other calcium containing stone substrates. It may be used on standard concrete, polished concrete, decorative concrete, or in-plant cured concrete tiles. The concrete surface dramatically increases in hardness, denseness, durability and stain/chemical resistance. Optimum Shield dries tack free in 30-60 minutes. It may be used on old or new concrete. Adhesion is excellent, as it uses densifier technology to help harden the surface and build adhesion.


Product Features

  • For use on all concrete, including stamped, colored or stained
  • Safe to use, not flammable
  • Permanent, penetrating protection
  • Dustproofs concrete
  • Applicators and equipment can be cleaned with water
  • Protects concrete from water, detergent, and chemical attack
  • Coating is reparable
  • Hardens concrete against abrasion
  • High gloss and excellent clarity

Application: When applying Optimum Shield, make sure the temperature is between 40°F and 90°F. It is best to test apply Optimum Shield in a small section to assure you are going to get the look you wish to achieve. Apply Optimum Shield to the dry substrate using a pump up or airless sprayer, microfiber applicator or mop, finishing mop, drag applicator, of roller. Work the coating into the surface to promote maximum absorption and adhesion to the surface. If burnishing between coats, allow 1 hour prior to burnishing and use a lite natural hair or beige pad. Burnishing between coats is not a requirement.

Appearance: Milky liquid
Color: White
Odor: Mild acrylic
Specific Gravity: 1.02 ± 0.005 @ 20°C
Total Solids: 16.94% ± 0.2%
Use dilution: As is
Coverage (First coat): 800-1300 sq. ft./gal
Coverage (Recoating): 1500-2000 sq. ft./gal.
Storage Stability: Two years minimum in sealed container
VOC’s, % as is: 9.558

Protective Clothing: See Safety Data Sheet (SDS)


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