RTU Express

Floor Spray Cleaner and Polish

RTU Express is a spray cleaner and polish formulated for use on all floor finishes and types of floors. It removes surface oil, stains, scuffs, and heel marks as it brings up a deep clear shine. RTU Express can be used on rubber tile to restore the surface gloss.


Product Features

  • Excellent cleaning ability
  • Resin emulsion helps repair worn areas
  • Contains no ammonia or alkalis that soften finish
  • Deep hard shine resists scuffs and scratches

For heavy cleaning, apply RTU Express with a blue pad, then buff or burnish with the pad normally used for this purpose.

Appearance: Opaque liquid
Color: Pink
Odor: Citrus solvent
Use Dilution: Ready to use
Active Ingredients: 15.0% minimum
pH: 9.2 ± 0.3
Flash Point: None
VOC Content: Less than 3% by weight
Storage Stability: One year minimum in sealed containers

CAUTION: Avoid eye contact. Do not drink.


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