Spectra Systems 4

Mild Carpet Shampoo

Spectra System 4 Vibrance 407 is a mild acid restroom cleaner. It has been certified by Green Seal™ to meet their environmental standard (GS-37) for Industrial and Institutional cleaners. It is an organic salt that acts like an acid and has a pH of less than one. It is non-corrosive when tested according to DOT test methods, is classified as a mild skin irritant, and is readily biodegradable. Spectra System 4 Vibrance 407 has excellent lime, rust, and soap scum removal capabilities, as well as very good grease cutting ability. It may be used on tub and tile, shower stalls, glass shower doors, bathroom fixtures, and grout. It will outperform other acid cleaners, but without the safety hazards caused by adverse skin contact and fumes. Spectra System 4 Vibrance 407 is packaged with dilution-controlled tamper proof inserts. The product is ready for quick-and-easy connection to the Spectra System 4 dispensers.

Product Features

  • Green Seal™ Certified
  • Non-regulated product for DOT
  • No phosphates or VOCs
  • Non-fuming
  • Dissolves calcium carbonate build-ups
  • Does not contain hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid, or hydroxyacetic acid
  • Made-up of components affirmed by the FDA as generally recognized as safe (GRAS)

Insert the bottle into any Daycon Spectra System 4 dilution control system and dispense product accordingly, into bucket or spray bottle. This product is recommended to be used with cold water from the tap and is dispensed at a 1:26 dilution ratio. Spectra System 4 Vibrance 407 can be mopped or sprayed on surface, then wiped clean. Spectra System 4 Vibrance 407 can also be applied directly to the urinal or commode – wait 10 minutes, then agitate and flush.

Appearance: Clear Liquid
Color: Red
Odor: No fragrance added
Use Dilution: 1:26
Storage Stability: Two years minimum in a sealed container
VOC’s (% as is): 0.0
Conformance: Manufactured by an ISO 9001:2015 registered company

Neoprene or nitrile gloves. Splash proof safety goggles.

64 Oz. Bottle (4 per case)

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